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Kids regulation Karting Carlos Sainz Center

Beginners and Junior championships





  • It will only be admitted kids between 7 and 14 years.
  • From 7 to 11 years old, Beginners category.
  • From 12 to 14 years old, Junior category.
  • From 15 years old and older, Adults category.
  • It is not a requirement to wear homologated clothes, so you can wear the overalls available at our center or your own clothes, but it is required to wear an overall, helmet and a neck brace.
  • Entries must be made in person on the same day of the race marked on the calendar.


It will be the same for every category, on the saturdays marked on the calendar, arriving at 8:30 am and finishing at 11:30, if there is not an excepcional delay.


As on previous years, the point scoring system will be as it follows:

First place: 20 points
Second place: 16 points
Third place: 14 points
Fourth place: 10 points
Fifth place: 8 points
From 6th to 12th in descending order until 1 point
2 extra point for the fastest lap holder
2 extra points for making the pole position


Maximum number of driver per round will be 15. Teams will be made based on the number of entries.

-    Warm- up: 12 minutes per group, non-scoring.

-    Qualifying: Qualifying will be a 12 minutes round per group, each driver with his/her assigned kart.

-   Final/Race: 25 laps race starting on the grid (rolling start). Final classification is based on the race order, being the winner the first driver who completes 25 laps. To that final race will clasify the best 15 times. If there are more drivers, there will be a non-scoring final for them. Karts will be assigned on a raffle at the control area just before going to the boxes area. In case that two drivers have the same kart number assigned, the kart will be for the one who got a better time on qualifying. Grid order will be decided based on qualifying times. Circuits for the event will be previously marked on the calendar, but the organization will be able to make last moment changes if they are needed.


• Karts are assigned by lot
• Each one of our karts are tested before everyr ace and checked by our qualified personel. Kart will only be changed in case of technical problems. FOR NO OTHER REASON, and it will always be a mechanic who inspects the kart and confirms the failure
• In case of change, the driver will be assigned a spare car. In this case,  race control will assign the kart.
• Seatbelts and neck braces are mandatory for the race
• Any claim has to be made less than five minutes before the incident, and it will be race control who decides if it is applicable
• Briefing session is mandatory for all the drivers, so everyone must go to the briefing. In case of not attending it, the driver will not be authorized to take part on the event
* If the driver does not follows this instructions, he/she will be excluded from the event.


-    Physical or verbal aggression to any track marshall or race director will be punished with the immediate exclusion from the event, and so will do any other kind of bad behaviour towards the rest of participants.

-    Track marshalls will be in charge of organizing and supervising the event, so they will be all around the track and they will be solve any dispute that happens on track. Because of that, it is absolutely forbidden to enter the track during the event without previous authorization from them. If a decission involves a penalty, it will be previously analized by race control.

-    Any unsportsmanlike conduct, like a blow or any inappropriate manouver spotted by track marshalls.

There are different penalties for those actions:

Mild sanction: 5 seconds being slowed down by remote control. Race control will be in charge of it.
Severe sanction:  Sanción grave: 15 seconds being slowed down by remote control. Race control will be in charge of it.
Very serious sanction: Race disqualifying. It will be a mild sanction to disobey flags previously explained on the briefing session and also all the other rules. It will be punished with a severe sanction any action that leads another driver to lose a position because of the unsportmanlike conduct of another participant. It will be decided by track marshalls.    

Every penalty will be controled by one of the track marshalls using a timing system.

Open Hours
Adult Sessions
M to T from 18:00 h to 23:00 h
F from 18:00 h to 00:00 h
Sa from 10:00 h to 00:00 h
Su from 10:00 h to 23:00 h
Junior Sessions
M to F from 18:00 h to  20:00 h
Sa, Su and holidays from 10:00 h  to 17:00 h
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