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Business events to give your team a motivation boost


In order to give motivation, personal interests and targets have to be satisfied to guide them to a goal. If your team is happy they will always be more productive but... how can you motivate them in an effective way?

There are many factor that can make a company go wrong and to be unable of performing to the optimum. Conflicts between employees or not knowing which are the companie's goals are among them. Motivation is key on those cases. We define motivation as something that leads an individual to make something and put the effort needed to reach a goal. In life, knowing how to motivate yourself is as important as knowing how to motivate others. In the business world, one skill for leaders is knowing how to motivate others to improve as a company.

Elton Mayo (1880-1949), psychologist and sociologist specialized on corporations, demonstrated that getting people involved in decission making improved their results. When we have motivation problems, we have to adjust our direction before the boat sinks. There are many ways to raise motivation and one of them is organizing events.




Those events are activities designed to increase the feeling of belonging, to generate motivation among the employees and to make them strnger, more bounded and more communicated through enjoyable activities. Through those kind of activities we aim to leave traditionalism behind, to surprise and enthusiasm the participants. We always want to do something different, something you can remember. To create a different business event can be the best alternative.

Creating high performance teams is not an easy task. Key element is motivation. John Schermerhorn defines it as "the forces inside an individual that define the level, direction and persistence of the effort made at work". Among all the elements that give motivation, events are highlighted as a way to approach your employees in a different way, to maken them share experiences related to the values you want to maximize and get better results than through other methods.

It is proven that having outdoor team activities outside the work place and in a relaxed atmosphere improves relationships between employees, allowing a better communication and developing skills that would pass unnoticed in other situations. Success is the goal. Because as Albert Schweitzer said, "success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success". Motivation, with any doubt, is the first step to happiness.

Team work and a good working atmosphere are the basis of a productive company. A motivated employee will give the best of himself/herself  to help the company. Nowadays, it is the trend to spend some days a year doing team building activities. From one side, they are helpful for formation and on the other hand they serve as incentive for the work done. Improving motivation is easy if you know which are the key points to organize a successful business event.




Those events get people outside their daily environment and they offer a different experience. "A motivational event creates positive feelings to counteract daily tensions", explains Paco Muro. Events also help to spend time with your colleagues and make them follow the same goal, at least during the event, and make them work together in order to achieve it, also improving their relationship. Competition also helps partnership. Being rivals on the track will help employees to be closer. Sport can be the key for your team to be motivated.

Raimond Torrents explains the power of team building activities to motivate and convey working values at the same time. For him, "those activities are based on dynamics generated by having to reach a target, the game goal, through a group of people that will only be able to succeed by working together". Promoting fellowship, integration, healthy competition, team working and effort are just some of the values you will improve by choosing a sporting event.

At Carlos Sainz Center we believe that, and we think karting is the perfect option to create a motivational business event. Events or business meetings are powerful  and effective communication tools because you also improve networking. Improving your business' productivity with a business event to motivate and amuse is possible. Do you trust us?

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