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Business events to overcome post-vacation blues


With the arrival of September, it's time to leave behind the days of relax and vacation. The so called post vacation blues is a concept refered to the anxiety mood and emotional pressure we have to face when readapting to the working routine after holidays.

To start preparing a week before, practising sport, organizing the agenda in a rational way, facing new projects, practising relaxing techniques, having a healthy diet and being optimistic and some of the things specialists recommend in order to avoid the post vacation blues. If that state of mind becomes permanent for an employee, it will also be a problem for the company.



Days ago we talked about karting as an option to get adrenaline out and smooth the back to work moment. Have you thought about your company being the one to prepare a more pleasurable way of going back to work with an activity like that? Team building based activities are specifically designed to help employees to work together. This way, they feel more united and they improve together professionally. There is no better way for this than through sharing a passion: sport.

Practicing sports in a regular basis is not only good for your health, it also contributes to fight stress. Activities like karting break with routine and you will gain energy. It is proven than sport-centeres activities are a stimulus for competition. In addition to excitement and fun, racing offers values as the desire to excel of every employee and the team spirit, something really valued in business.




Because of that, sport is your best friend to fight the post vacation blues, it is the key to keep yourself motivated before going back to work. Racing, apart from making you have fun will also help you take out all the adrenaline so your going back to work moment is easier. Have yout thought about it? Karting is a different business event.

Business events at Carlos Sainz Center are always a success. 

Building a high performance team is not an easy task, but Carlos Sainz Center Kart & Business can help you to do it. Racing complements those traits you look for in a business meeting: improves motivation, competitivity, will to excel, team spiritu and corporate identity. Now is more important than ever because they will make your employees going back to work happier and with the post vacation blues overcomed.

A business event with us is the best way for your employees to get over post vacation blues. Contact us: we can be your best ally.

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