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Celebrate summer with a business event in Madrid


Business events are also for the summer? 

Summer holidays have already come for many of us, for other they will come soon... but it doesn't mean that business activity gets paralized. For some, daily work continues and for others summer months come with a routine change, different schedules, more relaxed days and time to meet friends and colleagues or attend events and parties. It is the perfect moment to organize business events with a more personal touch. Don't you think so?

About the so called team building, there are many who don't know that even some companies have reduced their budget for this kind of activities, many still arrange them during summer. If there is a perfect time to organize all kind of events, it is summer with any doubt.

If you are going to celebrate a business event during summer, you will also have to take into consideration what may your guests prefer. Every event is different and every company is different. When summer comes, business events and team building activities must adapt to it. Summer is a good time to try out new and different activities so your team building is more profitable for all the participants. In summer you can understand after works in a whole different way.




  • Communication
  • Listening skills
  • Leadership
  • Skills
  • Team working
  • Coordination
  • Collaboration
  • Integration
  • Creativity

Having an informal atmosphere, everyone will be more open to new ideas and proposals. It is obvious. Companies are trying to improve their team spirit through summer business events. Moreover, doing it by the night is also usual during summer. In a karting track happens the same: competitions get extended to many sessions and you can show your team's competitivity.

When it comes to chosing a space, you must remember it should have a good localization. Easy access, both on privat and public transport, with a near parking. When you organize a business event it is crucial to take care of every detail, because it will be that what makes the difference. Also having good meeting rooms can determine the exit of your business event.



Madrid is the perfect place for a team building activity and one of the prefered for companies. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that combines the most modern infraestructures and it is a financial center with a huge cultural and artistic heritage. In Madrid, Carlos Sainz Center is a different option that you should consider. Do you know what we offer?

Carlos Sainz Center is not only karting. You can complete your business event with paintball or minigolf sessions. We will adapt our proposal to your tastes and budget, making it special for every season: lightning, decoration and grastronomy will align for a different business event. Don't forget it: summer is a really good time for it.

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