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Five ideas for an unforgettable birthday party


Few moments are a bigger illusion for children than their birthday. The day is close and you still don't know how to celebrate it. Are you going to do the same as always? Can't you think about something else? For sure you don't want to disappoint them. This is why we are going to offer you five ideas to make your children's birthday a unique moment both for you and him or her.

1º. Different invitation cards.

Paper invitations are expensive and you have to check every address. Electronic invitations are not personal enough. If you want to give an exclusivity touch to your party from the first moment, create different invitation cards. New technologies offer a wide range of options where you can test your creativity. A voice message? Why not a video? Internet allows you to create invitation cards for kids, cheap and funny. Do you dare?

2º. Playing, the best way to get them to participate

Games are crucial on a birthday party. Kids play to have fun, but it is also a very important part of their learning path and development. Playing helps kids to get more knowledge and experience and develope their trust and curiosity. Playing is an activity to convey social roles and cultural values, it is the best way to keep them entertained and get them to participate. Long ago it was normal to hire someone to entertain them. Nowadays, specially when they grow older, the trend is to imply them on the activity. Sport can be one of them, so they develope social skills like competivity, respect for rules and rules of the game.

3º. Catering 

A complete celebration has to have everything under control. It is the day to have their favourite food and drinks. You can also try different and new things. What do we normally look for? The perfect mix between traditional and international food and always from the best quality, as we count with maitres and waiters. A perfectly prepared meal can appeal yout senses, but decoration and the atmosphere can be the key to success. All of that and much more is what Carlos Sainz Center offers you.



4º Give them an new experience

Do you need the celebration to be truly special? Then you will have to innovate. No one remembers those birthdays where nothing happen. In fact, many people already tries different activities to celebrate their birthday. When yo do something different, even many time later, everyone stills remember what happened. Have you thought about karting? Sport at its best and guaranteed fun at Carlos Sainz Center at the best indoor tracks in Europe.

5º. Contact the best professionals.

At Carlos Sainz Center we believe that celebrating your birthday parties with us will be a decission you will never regret. We have the best professionals and modern facilities so yout birthday party is truly special. You can come to our circuit in the center of Madrid at La Ermita, or come to Las Rozas, where you can also complement karting with paintball or minigolf activities. Come to meet us, it will be a unique moment for everyone.

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