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Increase productivity with a different business event


If you are an entrepreneur and you have a team,  you will know that building a good team is not an easy task. Because of that, there are many companies who invest part of their time and budget on team building. But... what is exactly team building? It is about organizing activities to improve team working and the relationship between employess with the aim of improving their cordination and their relationship with the company.

That kind of metings and events are getting more frequent. They are usually organized after working hours to give the feeling of it being a free time activity. This way, you not only don't lose working hours, but you also encourage your employees with amusement activities. Now more than ever, being different is the key and that is why companies look for original events.

What's the goal? At this kind of events the ability of the team for working together is valued, and also trusting each other and fellowship. It also helps to improve personal and professional growing. Team building activities break barriers between people and improves interpersonal relationships.




Why do you have to trust those activities? It's easy. They are very efective to increase integration, communication and empathy among the members of the organization and they also have a low cost for the company. These activities have become a must for human teams. Then, which are the keys to create a business event that effectively improves team building?

A good team can get many benefits to the company, from the biggest ones to small companies. Those activities can maximize your profits from formation, helping your employees to combine their best skills to face new challenges. Other long term benefit is gaining the skill of reacting to sudden changes, being goal-oriented and more efficient, solving new difficulties and achieving your goals with less investment and less working hours.

They usually are fictional competitions between several groups of employees. They look for employees to work together during the activity to know more about each other. Unlike other kind of events, a team building activity invites your employees to work together to reach a common goal. Friends or enemies? Carlos Sainz Center firmly believes that competition improves fellowship. Being rivals on the track will improve friendship between co-workers. Sport can be the key for your team to be motivated.




Team building idea comes from sport spirit and philophy of team working on team sports. Athletes have to learn to trust their teammates and perform their role inside the team so everyone does as much as they can and win together. Translated to the business world, team building looks for the best way to improve management and productivity to increase benefits and to be successful.

At Carlos Sainz Center we believe it and we think karting is the perfect option to create a different business event. Businees meetings are powerful communication tools, very effective because they also intensify networking. Improving your productivity with a different business event is possible. Do you trust us?

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