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Karting is Madrid's trending topic!

There are many reasons for karting to become one of the favourite hobbies for young and adults in Madrid. People from all ages enjoy karting in Madrid.

The excitement and adrenaline you get driving a go-kart is what appeals the most. It doesn't matter what's your job or your age, you can be a real racing driver and race on similar competitions to Formula 1. When your are on track, adrenaline takes control and you can forget about your worries and just enjoy racing with all the other competitors. Just by being there you can have a nice time and test your skills. It is a very enjoyable sport and it is becoming more and more popular.

Safety is another key point when karting. Every driver receives a little training before starting racing. That training includes how to drive the go-kart and also the security protocol in case of something goes wrong. Moreover, drivers are equiped with helmets, and overalls designed to protect knees and ankles. The smaller go-karts are used at our indoor track and they have a remote control. In case something goes wrong, race control can stop any vehicle. That is specially recommended for young and inexperienced drivers, because that remote control option offers extra safety to every participant.

Karting is the trending pastime in Madrid, so also young people are very interested. It has become an incredible way to have a good time with your friends. Young people usually comes on the weekends to enjoy karting and spend the hole day with their friends. Our karting centers also offer other activities like paintball, bowling and others. Both young and adults love those activities!

Another reason for karting being so popular in Madrid is the organization of races. There are races for professionals but generally the most populars are for amateurs. That means you don't have to be an expert driver to participate in those races. Karting races in Madrid are usually organized during the weekends, holidays or vacation. There are even more events during summer, because thanks to the weather, races can be organized in the outdoor tracks. During Winter, most of the races are indoor. During summer there are also more tourists, so it is the most popular season for karting in Madrid.

Indoor tracks are smaller, so outdoor tracks are more popular. When a driver signs up for a race, it is usually a familiar event or a meeting with friends, where they come to cheer up on participants.

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