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Karting promotion: 2 races + hot dog

¿Comer a la carrera o carrera y a comer?

Eating fast... or racing and eating?

Always working, being in a hurry, crowds, errands...

During the week we have no time to relax and have some fun. In fact, we have no time to have a good lunch! At Karting Carlos Sainz we want to give you a break and change completely the eating concept: we want you to stop eating in a hurry and start Racing and Eating. We invite you to enjoy a hot dog + drink menu and two karting races for just 28 euros!

Do you like it? We go even further: for just 2 more euros you can double the menu! That's it, for just 30 euros we add another drink and another hot dog, so you can enjoy this promotion with the one you choose!

If you want to come to our centers and have a good meal and good race... you can't miss Race&Eat!

We will wait for you everyday from 21:30 pm. You can find more information about this promotion on our website.

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Accept the challenge. Championships 2016

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