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Karting: take out the adrenaline and going back to work will be easier


The so called post vacation blues is a concept refered to the anxiety mood and emotional pressure we have to face when readapting to the working routine after holidays. It cannot be considered an illness, but an adaptation process to the working routine after holidays, something that can be hard fore many people.

With the arrival of September, it's time to leave behind the days of relax and vacation. This syndrome provokes bad mood and it is difficult to classify as it does not present an standar reaction. Some people have sleeping difficulties, for others is hard to focus at work and they even have difficulties organizing easy tasks.

Readapting to the working routine after vacation includes changing your schedules and lifestyle. It is a normal adaptation process, but sometimes it can be difficult both psichologically and phisically. Growing up, going back to work can start being tough, but it is a normal feeling that goes away after a while.




If this adaptation lasts for more than some days it can become a chronical stress problem. For post-vacation blues to not appear, you can do some activities that limit its appearance. Don't start working straight away, give yourself a time to share your vacational experiences with your colleagues and create a good atmosphere to start working againn

You have to understand that the day has 24 hours and your job is only a third part of it. Whenever you finish working, do all the things you like and spend time with your friends and family. It is necessary to do what you have to do, but it is also important to have time for fun. For those moments... have you thought about karting?




Practicing sports in a regular basis is not only good for your health, it also contributes to fight stress. Activities like karting break with routine and you will gain energy. There is no doubt: sport is one of your best allies to fight post-vacation blues, the key to keep yourself motivated before going back to work. In addition to excitement and fun, racing allows you to get the adrenaline out so going back to work is much easier.

And now: are you thinking about karting as the way to get over post-vacation blues?

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