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Real Madrid at Carlos Sainz Center

Real Madrid players competed last Thursday to see who is the fastest one. It took place at Carlos Sainz Center, the famous karting center in Madrid. The event was organized to have the ceremony where Audy delivered their new cars to the players, as every season. Do you wanna know that happened? Keep reading!

This is one of Real Madrid players' favourite days. Here they can take out the adrenaline doing something they really like: racing! Karts were equiped with rollover protection and seatbelts. There wasn't any injury risk in a center prepared with the latest technology and security measures. In fact, our center is considered the best in Europe.

Audi delivered its cars at Carlos Sainz Center in Madrid, where the WRC World Champion Carlos Sainz took part on the players' activities. For one day, Real Madrid players could be like Audi drivers, who recently won the DTM Championship. They enjoyed a really exciting race: there was a qualifying round and three races. Esteban Granero overtook Karim Benzema to the limit and won the Audi trophy.

After the race, Audi gave them the keys of their new cars for the 2011-2012 season. Here you have some pictures from the event! You can see more at our Facebook account or our photo gallery.

We also posted a video on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODC34GqZnK0

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