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What is the Grand Prix tournament about?


Grand Prix mode is for individual competition, the closest to Formula 1, ideal for your business event to be a success! But, do you exactly know what is it about? We explain it for you!

Friends or enemies? Carlos Sainz Center firmly believes that competition improves fellowship. The experience of being rivals on the track will tighten the friendship between coworkers. Sport can be the key for your team to be motivated. Don't forget it: a high performance team is the one who achieves a high level of results with a high level of satisfaction and motivation among their members.

Grand Prix and Relay race are the two main options that Karting Carlos Sainz Kart & Business offers to have a satisfactory business event. Grand Prix mode is similar to Formula 1 and it works on similar way to the pinnacle of motorsport. There are three different stages: warm-up, qualifying and the race.

The warm-up is the first contact with the steering wheel. It helps you to adapt to it and to learn the track. After that, it comes the qualifying where some of the drivers will qualify for the race and at the same time the grid order will be decided. The race is the final stage of the competition. Starting from the grid following the qualifying order, it will decide who is the winner of the event.

How can we organize the activity cronologically? Let's explain it with an example!

A group of 45 people divided on 3 groups of 13 people each. The maximum we can have on track at the same time is 15 people.

12:00 arrival time to our facilities.

12:00 – 12:30 Briefing to explain the rules on track, how is the Championship organized, make the groups if they are not already done and go to the dressing room.

12:30 – 14:00 Competition starts with three parts:

A) Warm-up: The first group runs for 10 minutes; after that the second group and then the third. The warm up is the first contact with the track and the kart driveability. Lap times on this stage do not score. This stage lasts for ten minutes aprox. per group.

B) Qualifying: The 12 best drivers with the best fast lap will promote to the final stage on the grid. It lasts for 10 minutes aprox. per group.

C) Final/race: It comes after qualifying and it lasts for 10-12 laps. The first driver to arrive to the chequered flag will be the winner. After that, there will be a trophy ceremony at the podium for the top three.

Do you like it? Contact us! We will make something unique from your Grand Prix experience!

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