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Teams regulations

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Teams Championship

This one is a grupal competition (each team has two drivers and they can choose a third driver to replace any of them in case of not being able to participate). It will be an endurance race (relay race).

It is a scoring tournament (each team will get different scoring based on its classification on the different events) and it will finish with an extra race that will take place in November to decide who is the Champion. The maximum number of teams allowed is 30 (divided in two groups each). Groups will be made following arrival order.

There will be one event per month. The winner team will be the one with the most points at the end of the tournament.

Every individual event will be like a Grand Prix (the winning team on the podium will receive a trophy).

Entry price by team 75€ for teammates. Price for teams 

Entry free per couple is 75 Euros for members and 110 Euros for non-member teams (both of them non-members of CARLOS SAINZ CENTER). In case of one driver being member and the other one non-member, the entry fee will be 93 euros.

The event will have three stages:

  • Warm-Up: 10 minutes per driver.
  • Qualifying: 10 minutes per driver.
  • Race: Le Mans System (relay race). The race will have 80 lap and drivers will change on these laps: 20-22, 40-42, 60-62.

Start will be Le Mans style: drivers will have to run from the opposite side of the track to reach their assigned kart.

Sesiones adultos
L a J de 18:00 h a a 23:00 h
V de 18:00 h a 00:00 h
S de 10:00 h a 00:00 h
D de 10:00 h a 23:00 h
Sesiones Junior
L a V de 18:00 h a  20:00 h
S, D y festivos de 10:00 h  a 17:00 h
Patrocinador Principal
Otros Patrocinadores
Calle Bruselas, 3
Parque Empresarial Európolis
28232 Las Rozas (Madrid) Madrid
902170190 / 916407474
Calle Sepúlveda, 3
Centro Comercial La Ermita
28011 Madrid (Madrid) Madrid
902170190 / 916407474