10 keys to improving work environment


Despite being difficult to cuantify, work environment is key issue for the company's success. There is a strong relation between productivity, performance and good work environment in a company. Creating a good work environment it is not only desirable but necessary for any organization that pursues success. Patrick Lencioni used to say that "team working is not a virtue but a conscient and voluntary choice that is grown by building bonds of trust based on human vulnerability shown by the team members before their mistakes, fears, and difficulties".

According to a Page Personnel study about the reasons to change a job, work environment is in second place. Human resource losses can be the start of the end for companies. So, how to improve work environment in our company? Today we offer you a list with 10 simple methods that will help your company grow.

1. Positive attitude

Negative attitudes are pollutant and extend faster than epidemies. In the same way joy is contagious. “Never forget to laugh”, Charles Chaplin used to say, “because the day you don't laugh is a wasted day”.

2. Favor personal growing with education

If not, his/her implication level and commitment will be inversely proportional. They will consider the company as a transition place and their new priority won't be to seek excellence for the company but a new job that gives them stability and development. Make team members improve their skills by formation and creative sessions breaks the habit and can be done with internal or external training. 

3. Update software and hardware continuously

There is nothing more despairing that work with insufficient tools and obsolete machines that do not allow people to do their job efficiently. A small periodic investment in software and hardware can avoid a lot of frustrations.

4. Encourage autonomy 

When employees have responsibilities and they are allowed to think critically and propose new ideas they get more involved because they understand their actions and opinions are important. “When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. It's your choice: get over it and be a winner or be defeated and be a loser?”, Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics used to ask herself.

5. Encourage your team's health

Few things will make your employees feel valuable assets like showing them a genuine concern for their health and well being. Sport and competition can be the bonds that make your company achieve the best results: there is no better way to improve brand image.



6. Acknowledge good work 

Not only failures as it was usual in the traditional corporate philosophy. In the era of empowerment, companies must adopt a change of attitude, and be able to accept constructive criticism to gain value. It is important to acknowledge and show gratitude when an employee exceeds expectations.

7. Decorate the room

Add color to your office: warm tones like red and orange give you energy but can be a little stressing and cold tones like green and blue relax. The work ambient decoration influences employee's productivity and motivation. We spend a lot of hour in the office each day so we must keep the place illuminated, ventilated, etc.

8. Encourage mutual respect

"None of us is more important than the rest of us", thought Ray Kroc. It is difficult to imagine that all members of a company will get along with each other. Because of this it is very important for you to promote tolerance, respect and harmony between your perso

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